Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today on It's Payday! New Book Helps You Transform Your Ideas into Big Business!

At 30-years-old, Dante Lee is already a 10-year veteran entrepreneur. Lee started Diversity City Media, his marketing company, while matriculating at Bowie State University. His passion for business inspired him to accelerate his course load and become the first BSU student to graduate in three years from the computer science program.

In his latest book, Black Business Secrets, Lee offers the lessons, tips and resources that helped his company generate millions of dollars over the past decade. Dante came on It's Payday! help you transform your idea into a profitable business.

12-31 Dante Lee Black Business Secrets Music by ItsPayady

On our It's Payday! Blog Exclusive Lee offers insight one of the most important attributes of business success.

Dante Lee Pay Attention! by ItsPayady


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