Friday, February 4, 2011

TODAY on It’s Payday! 5 Keys to Keeping It Rich!

Sakina Spruell Cole should have an “S” on her chest and a cape to match. Cole is a financial journalist, web series host, entrepreneur, mother and wife. After 15 years in the game, she is not tired yet. So, why does she do it all?

“I want to help close the wealth gap between people of color and mainstream communities,” says Cole, the CEO of Cole Media, Inc based in Newark, New Jersey.

The Rutgers alumna created the Keeping It Rich brand of products to increase financial literacy within the general market. Those products include a blog, seminars, financial booklets and a web show that airs on

“The whole purpose of these financial products is to deliver much needed personal finance information to an audience in a lively, upbeat format so everyone can relate to it,” says Cole. “I try to share every bit of my own life when it concerns finances because people feel so uncomfortable talking about their financial situation.”

Cole complied five keys to “Keeping It Rich.” They are defining your good life, investing in your financial goals, building your credit, owning something and hiring your staff. She came on It’s Payday to share her guidance.

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Blog Exclusive: Cole Talks About Hiring Your Staff to Build & Sustain YOUR Rich Life

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